3 Steps To A Happy PC!

Step 1

1.Call 1-855-665-7860

Talk to our experienced team about your PC problems, if we can fix it then jump right to the next step.

Step 2

2. Explain your Problem

Once you explain your problem to our experts they will diagnose the same and educate you as to why you were facing a particular issue.

Step 3

3. Enjoy a Clean PC

That's it! You can make yourself a nice cup of coffee to celebrate while our experts magically scrub your PC clean!

How It Works

All Tech2Serve remote support sessions are secure and encrypted. Our Technicians work in a controlled, monitored environment to ensure you get high quality tech support that's safe and secure. Every time a Technician works on your PC or network, they're recorded on video, and each click and keystroke is automatically logged. These sessions are also thoroughly checked by our Quality team to ensure compliance to our strict quality and security standards.You're in control of what our Technicians do for you. If any point of time you are not comfortable you can ask the questions to the Technicians and they are trained to ensure that all your queries are satisfied and you are confident that your data is secured.Tool that our technicians use for taking remote session of your computer is www.logmeinrescue.com which is highly secured and safe.

This is how it works

  • Direct connection to the customer via code or emailed link
  • Interactive chat and detailed session history
  • Prompts to permit or deny technician access to all functions
  • Video Auditing sessions are automatically stored on the server to ensure compliance
  • File transfer to the technician
  • Ability to stop remote control or disconnect at any time


Anti-virus/Spyware Support

PC's are vulnerable. Viruses, trojans and spam attacks are harmful to your data and we know that better than anyone else. Allow our digital security experts to take control of your PC and leave it safe and sound. You'll sleep better at night knowing your data is safe.

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OS Support for a faster PC

We love speed. We wish our PC's would run like the day we brought them. Everyday.Here's a little secret. We know exactly what's slowing your PC down. Give us a call and your computer will feel as fast as the first day it came home.

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At Tech2Serve we stricly work on per incident based pricing and our pricing is based on issue level that our technician decides after diagnosing your workstation.
Our Basic Price starts from $120. Our pricing totally depends on the time the technician requires to spend on solving the problem.

Level 1 Problem *


  • Free Problem Diagnosis
  • 30 Day Moneyback Guarantee
  • Estimated Solution Time
  • $100 Per Additional Workstation

Level 2 Problem *


  • Free Problem Diagnosis
  • 30 Day Moneyback Guarantee
  • Estimated Solution Time
  • $140 Per Additional Workstation

Level 3 Problem *


  • Free Problem Diagnosis
  • 30 Day Moneyback Guarantee
  • Estimated Solution Time
  • $180 Per Additional Workstation

Our technician will be quoting the price based on the issue diagnosed. If technician is not able to solve the problem customer will not be charged for the service. Once the price is quoted to the customer even though the time taken is more than the stipulated time period based on diagnosis customer will not be charged extra amount.

* Please call and ask our sales representative to know which support level is applicable to your issue.
** Solution Time varies and depends on issues.
For refunds please read our Terms & Conditions.
All prices are in U.S. dollars and prices are subject to change without prior notice.

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About Us

We're on a mission. We know every incident we resolve, every snag we fix, every computer we secure, we're making the world a better place.We believe technology exists to make our lives simpler, assist us in what we want to achieve and not the other way around. Our razor sharp focus on a pleasant customer experience is what drives us to do what we do everyday.

Tech2Serve is a New York based independent service provider of online technical support. We offer services directly to individual customers and small businesses across the US. Tech2Serve is a one-stop shop for all your software tech support requirements. Tech2Serve employees are certified and trained professionals ensuring quickest turnaround time in the industry with their expertise.

We cover all solutions from virus removal to pc optimization. Our online technical support services will assure your computer issues are fixed securely and in real time. Our services are safe, secure and issues are resolved with our professional expertise and resources. We believe in providing best quality service and meeting our commitments every step of the way. Tech2Serve aims to provide the best available technical support service at an affordable cost.

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